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An Enigmatic Bride for the Cowboy’s Guarded Heart

She’s a bride running away from her past, hiding many secrets. He’s a man lingering on his trauma. How can they mend bridges, save each other and win against injustice?

An Enigmatic Bride for the Cowboy’s Guarded Heart

Brittany used to be a proud Southerner sweetheart until the day her father was imprisoned on false charges. Now, she must gather her pieces and become a mail-order bride in the West to save herself from her father’s rival. She travels to Kansas with a heavy heart and ready for a loveless life. However, in that ranch, Brittany meets her destiny. How can she open her heart when her father’s past is catching up on her?

Peter is a brave but broken man who lives a loveless life in his ranch. After the tragic death of his wife and child, he’s decided to take a step back from the world. However, his sister’s willingness to see him re-married wins and he places an ad for a mail-order bride. When he meets Brittany, he’s taken aback by her suspicious nature and he starts wondering the reason she avoids him. How can he finally overcome his fear of abandonment and show Brittany his deep love and loyalty?

It’s matter of time before a particular man takes away from Brittany everything she cares for. How can Brittany and Peter let their love connect them and take a stand against injustice?

An Uninvited Bride for the Cowboy's Heart

She becomes his mail-order bride – but she wasn’t invited by him. He becomes her husband out of duty. How will they find each other souls amidst trials?

An Uninvited Bride for the Cowboy’s Heart

Velma is a kind-hearted woman who has experienced heartbreak. Although she works hard, after the loss of her beloved husband, falling into poverty is inevitable. With no other choice, she replies to a mail-order bride ad. Love is not what she’s looking for, but rather a sense of stability. When she meets Charles, everything changes. How can he mend her broken heart?

Charles is a lonely rancher and a widower. His sister Martha not only helps him with the workload but also takes care of his little boy. He doesn’t try to connect with his son and dwells too much on the past. Martha has had enough and places an ad for him. When Velma arrives, Charles will be conflicted by his unexpected feelings for her. How can she help him heal his scars and connect with his child?

Both of them, will have to abandon their fears, trust their hearts, and give love a second chance. But Charles' past at the saloon where he used to spend so much time comes back to haunt him. How will they find each other's hearts when their honor is in danger?

A Sweet Mail-Order Bride for the Distant Rancher

Her only choice to escape was to become a mail-order bride. He was a man who was rejecting romance. How can they fight those who want them apart when loving someone is just so challenging?

A Sweet Mail-Order Bride for the Distant Rancher

Jane has always been a dutiful daughter living with her stepfamily. When her father decides to marry her off to an older man that she knows nothing about, Jane flees. Once more, she feels their neglect. Her only option is to be a mail-order bride in the West. But, she soon realizes that her husband carries demons of his own, and ranch life is demanding. Can she make him open up and show him that love is the only way to heal wounds?

Milton is a man that finds solace in his animals. When his mother abandoned him, and his father passed away, he realized that people always leave. Now, Milton needs a bride to expand his business plan and help him with his beloved ranch. A marriage of convenience is what he needs, and romance is not what he is looking for. Milton meets Jane and everything changes when she starts to bring down his walls. How can he trust again and fall in love?

Jane and Milton will have to confront and overcome their deep-rooted fears to be together. When Jane’s wealthy suitor comes to claim her, everything starts falling apart. Can they face their common enemy as one, or will they drift apart from each other?

Is there any second chance in love? How can you stop living in the past - forgive and forget? These three brides are set on finding out. Three of my best-selling Western Historical Romance stories in a single Collection!

Three Last Chance Brides in the West

Combined, the three books have more than 300 positive reviews on Amazon and have been downloaded over 28,000 times!

If you love to read about romantic and empowering women and the men who love them in the Old West, read on!

#1 Healing the Bride’s Broken Heart

When the strong yet sensitive Tori Ridley brings the local physician to her ranch to tend to her daughter’s burns, after a sudden fire, her wounded heart skipped a beat when she met him for the first time. But Jessie Hutton is a man whose soldier’s past keeps on chasing him and spending a year in this new city has helped him reevaluate his life so far, and his only way out of his battle wounds. They tried building up a long-forgotten dream, but the past is catching up on them. How will they protect their love growing out of ashes?

#2 A Sheriff’s Haven for the Rebellious Bride

When the feisty and beautiful Bree O'Laney tried to escape an arranged marriage with a man she despised, she applied as a governess for the widowed Sheriff. But Sheriff Maxwell Banks is a man with a kind but fierce heart who tries to recover the loss of his wife and his only concern is his daughter. As Bree and Maxwell get closer, her hidden past will come knocking on the door - and Maxwell will not be very happy to answer it. What happens when a Sheriff falls in love with a bride with criminal origins?

#3 A Love Behind the Broken Mask

Although the stubborn yet stunning Eloise Hastings is dreaming of marrying out of love and running her family’s ranch, her father has different plans, arranging a marriage for her with his business partner. But when her childhood love, Wilson Pace, returns to town ready to ask for her hand, their world was shaken up, when at the St. George Hotel’s Masquerade ball, the Sheriff is murdered, and all evidence points at him! How can they prove his innocence and save their love on the same night?

Each book features a standalone, clean Western Historical Romance story. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong, sweet happily ever after.

The Feisty Bride's Unexpected Match

She is a mail-order bride. He is a rancher meeting her halfway. How will they choose to protect their love, when staying together means accepting danger?

The Feisty Bride's Unexpected Match

Sarah Harris is a tender young woman who has recently lost her father. Having no other choice, she decided to reply to a mail-order bride and to move West. On the train, she meets a stoic rancher who shares the same destination with her. A sudden train attack leaves them alone with only a horse and no money to travel. Sarah struggles with the challenges of the wilderness. However, David's strong presence is enough to make her fall in love with him. How can she dedicate her life to the man she has come to love when she has promised to marry someone else?

David Bryant is a determined young rancher who travels West to inherit his uncle's ranch. While traveling, he's taken aback by Sarah's fierce yet sad eyes. She's so different from him but she feels so close. When they're called to stick together so as to survive in the wilderness, David will help her overcome her fears and he will teach her survival skills. Her strong will and stubbornness are enough to make him fall madly in love with her. But her husband-to-be is a danger to both of them. How will he protect the woman that has shown him what it means to be loved and give love in return?

Sarah and David should realize that only by staying together can they really overcome all difficulties. But when they learn that Sarah's husband-to-be is not who he said he was, how will they trust each other with their hearts again?

The Sheriff’s Daring Wife in the West

This marriage of convenience turned out to be the best choice in their lives. But is their love enough to fight off injustice in town?

The Sheriff’s Daring Wife in the West

Rose’s life turned upside down the moment her mother passed away Becoming a mail-order bride is the only logical solution if she wants to lead the life she wants. Along with her step-sister Anna, they both answer ads to different frontier states. Rose accepts Benjamin’s invitation, a reserved and reclusive Sheriff in the Wild West. While Rose has to manage herself around the ranch, she realizes that Benjamin is a deeply scarred soul that needs mending. How will she help him find the salvation he needs by letting himself open to her never-ending love?

Benjamin is a strong-willed sheriff and a man of action. He was always struggling with reading and writing. His lifelong dream is to run for mayor and this is why he’s looking a clever and suitable companion—with a wife by his side the townspeople will trust him more. His mail-order bride is all this and so much more—with Rose by his side he realizes that only through love can he become the man he wants to be. How will he finally trust his heart and let go of his trauma in order to fully devote himself to her?

The elections are close, and Rose will do anything in her power to prepare Benjamin run for mayor. However, when Anna, Rose’s sister, arrives at their ranch barely escaping death, Benjamin is the only man capable enough of protecting his family. How will they let themselves love each other when each of their moves is being closely watched?

The Sheriff's Compassionate Bride, by Lydia Olson

A mail order bride ready to stand up for her new family. A sheriff with a dangerous past. Will they find the courage to redeem themselves?

The Sheriff's Compassionate Bride

Liese is a brave young woman who has met abandonment and loss from an early age. After her grandmother passes away, leaving her all alone in the world, she has no choice but to respond to a mail-order bride ad. At least, there will be a roof over her head and a family to take care of, she thought. But caring for this distant Sheriff and his deaf sister gives a whole new purpose to Liese—she's here to help both of them believe in love and family again. How will she open her heart to bring everyone together?

William is an excellent Sheriff yet a bit aloof. Having only his deaf sister in the world, placing an ad for a marriage of convenience was his only option to have someone help around the household. He never really expected that Liese would prove to be the woman of his life. His own reluctancy keeps driving both of them away. How can he get over the past and simply give in to this woman and the idea of a family with her?

But William and Liese’s newfound happiness will be cut short by a dangerous and cunning man who has come seeking revenge. How will the two fight against him in order to create the family they always wanted if they don’t give in to each other first?

A Western Flame to Redeem their Past, by Lydia Olson

Α woman who's lost everything -- a man who's there for her. How can they save their growing love out in the West?

A Western Flame to Redeem their Past

Selma has never expected that she’ll inherit a rough piece of land in California after her father’s tragic death. Along her journey to visit this ranch, she finds herself in a small town in Arizona, where a mysterious young boy seems to follow her everywhere she goes. And now an unknown strong man seems always to be close to her to protect her. How can she choose between her dream of leading a free-spirited life in California and her growing feelings for this man?

Bill is a guarded saloon owner who prefers keeping to himself. Having fled his hometown with his father because of a notorious gang, he wanted to rebuild his life away from indiscreet people. But when his troubled past follows him in this new town, he can’t ignore them anymore. Upon meeting Selma, he is mesmerized by her bravery and sharp wits. How can he protect his new family with Selma from a man who has come to usurp what is his?

Selma and Bill’s sweet union seems short-lived, but with the help of the mysterious young boy will they have a chance to take a stand against this gang? How can they protect everything they love and build a loving family when they are not ready for such danger?

Healing the Bride’s Broken Heart, by Lydia Olson

When dangerous times call for courageous acts, how will she keep the man she loves and her family safe?

Healing the Bride’s Broken Heart

Tori Ridley is a strong yet sensitive woman who’s been greatly wounded after the unexpected loss of her husband two years ago. A sudden fire brings the local physician to her ranch to tend to her daughter’s burns. Her wounded heart skips a beat when she meets the local physician— gradually, Tori realizes that it is okay to leave the door to her heart open once again. How can she trust him and give in to this new torrent of feelings when their open wounds keep catching up on them?

Jessie Hutton is a man whose soldier’s past keeps on chasing him. Spending a year in this new city has helped him reevaluate his life so far. When duty calls, he arrives in Tori’s ranch. Jessie slowly falls in love with Tori—it’s as if she’s his only way out of his battle wounds. Will he stand up against the enemy when the time comes?

While the mayor is looming over Tori and her kind heart, it will become the mission of a lifetime for Jessie to help Tori and her daughter by rekindling their longest dream. But when tragedy strikes so many times, how can they gather the pieces to build again what has been lost?

A Love Behind the Broken Mask, by Lydia Olson

The night of the masquerade ball, everything changed for Eloise and Wilson. Can she prove his innocence and save their love on the same night?

A Love Behind the Broken Mask

Eloise Hastings is a stubborn yet stunning tomboy. She dreams of marrying out of love and running her family’s ranch. But her father’s plan is quite the opposite as he had already arranged a marriage for her with his business partner.

Wilson Pace is now a successful businessman. Leaving his days as a miner behind, he has returned to reclaim Eloise’s heart.

But when at the St. George Hotel’s Masquerade ball, the Sheriff of Cayenne is murdered, he has to prove his innocence.

While all evidence points at him, Eloise will join him in his quest for vindication. Long kept secrets will resurface and treacherous plans will be discovered.

Will this night be long enough to find out the truth and save their love at the same time?

A Second Chance for a Redeeming Love, by Lydia Olson

An incredible love story where revenge and romance battle for the win!

A Second Chance for a Redeeming Love

Anastasia Griffin is a woman scorned. Being an outlaw but with the heart of a lady, she never believed that the love of her life, Timothy King, could betray her.

Timothy is living as a peaceful rancher in Newton Creek, Wyoming. He is a trusted and well-respected member of the local community.

The last time they saw each other was right before that awful robbery. The one that ended up with the death of the leader of the gang Ellis Madden and Tim running away.

For the past 3 years, Anastasia and the other two Madden brothers have been searching for him for payback.
For the past 3 years, Tim has been living a different life than the one he used to live.

And now as they meet after all this time, old feelings resurface! When the truth is revealed and all secrets are brought to light, everyone seems to be walking on thin ice. And it's shaking.

A Truce for Love, by Lydia Olson

Every fiber of her being tells her that he is a righteous man ⎯ not the safe guy you’d love, but the dangerous one who makes your pulse race.

A Truce for Love

When Mia and Carson first laid eyes on each other, their hearts skipped a beat. They never suspected that this would not be the only rush of adrenaline they would feel.

Mia Carter feels finally free. She can unburden her family while at the same time, find a loving home with her brother, Jonas, and his family. Or so she thinks.

Her new town, Tombstone, is in a gang war and Jonas’s poker hall is right in the middle!

Unable to refuse his cry for help, Mia will find herself caught between the Powells, Dodds, and Dooleys’ fight for dominance.

Little did she know, while she gets closer to Carson, that he is the leader of the Powells Gang.

As the truth will be quickly revealed, Mia will be left heartbroken, and Carson shattered by her detachment.

But with the Dooleys’ deadly threat approaching, Mia, Jonas, and Carson will agree in a never before truce, solely intended for fighting the common enemy. But in this case, the road to love is paved with these intentions.

A Sheriff’s Haven for the Rebellious Bride

"No matter how angry I was with her, the sight of her tears made me melt. I pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head. Her hair smelled like a curious mixture of gunpowder and cinnamon."

A Sheriff’s Haven for the Rebellious Bride

When feisty Bree fled her outlaw family applying as a governess for the widowed Sheriff, Maxwell Banks, she thought she would finally escape into a respectable life.

But when Bree's evil father, Bryson O'Laney, outraged that she defies his will to marry an outlaw of his choice for the town's Sheriff, he seeks revenge.

As Bree and Maxwell got closer, by Bree still keeping her criminal origins a secret, her brothers arrive to force her back, unveiling the truth to the startled . . . and now betrayed Maxwell.

With Bree kidnapped by her brothers after knocking his daughter out cold and leaving her for dead, Maxwell has to take the law into his own hands to revenge for his daughter and save the woman he loves . . .

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