A Race to Save his Childhood Love, by Lydia Olson

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"When her sister goes missing, Joanne Johnson only suspects the owners of her family’s rival ranch and sets out with her best friend since childhood and trainer of the horses, Joseph Price, to rescue her. Along the way, they discover their feelings for each other and face many challenges to save Joanne’s sister, Madeline."

An Enigmatic Bride for the Cowboy’s Guarded Heart

An Enigmatic Bride for the Cowboy’s Guarded Heart

She’s a bride running away from her past, hiding many secrets. He’s a man lingering on his trauma. How can they mend bridges, save each other and win against injustice?

Brittany used to be a proud Southerner sweetheart until the day her father was imprisoned on false charges. Now, she must gather her pieces and become a mail-order bride in the West to save herself from her father’s rival. She travels to Kansas with a heavy heart and ready for a loveless life. However, in that ranch, Brittany meets her destiny. How can she open her heart when her father’s past is catching up on her?

Peter is a brave but broken man who lives a loveless life in his ranch. After the tragic death of his wife and child, he’s decided to take a step back from the world. However, his sister’s willingness to see him re-married wins and he places an ad for a mail-order bride. When he meets Brittany, he’s taken aback by her suspicious nature and he starts wondering the reason she avoids him. How can he finally overcome his fear of abandonment and show Brittany his deep love and loyalty?

It’s matter of time before a particular man takes away from Brittany everything she cares for. How can Brittany and Peter let their love connect them and take a stand against injustice?

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